How Beyoncé got into the best shape of her life



Beyoncé has always looked amazing, but since embarking on her I Am … Sasha Fierce tour this summer, the superstar has whipped her body into optimum shape. Her trainer and author of Power Moves, Marco Borges, tells In Touch magazine. “She feels really good about herself, and she’s got a ton of energy.”


So how does she do it? Borges reveals the secret to achieving Beyoncé’s incredible physique is training with health in mind, as opposed to looks.


Their goal was to make sure she could run around for two hours onstage without feeling winded every night. So before the tour, Beyoncé, 28, did interval training — 45 minutes of alternating between sprinting and running on the treadmill, followed by body-resistance work. Now, Beyoncé does yoga and Pilates for an hour on show days and body-resistance exercises on days when she’s not performing. Borges also tells In Touch that the star eats a sensible 1,600-calorie diet of lean proteins with healthy carbs. “The truth is, it’s a lot of sacrifice. You have to push yourself,” Beyoncé has said. Her dedication is paying off!


Source: In Touch Weekly


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Marines find value in yoga

Marines are kicking off their boots and breaking out the yoga mats.

Veterans are able to combat post traumatic stress disorder, depression, chronic pain and insomnia following deployments, according to information about the program.

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Welcome to Yoga Fab!

Welcome to Yoga Fab. We’re obsessed with all things yoga and the celebrities who practice it.  We thought wouldn’t it be great to have a place to come where you can find the latest celebrity yogi news, product reviews, and so much more.  You’ll also find the occasional post on pilates here as well, because we think Pilates is pretty fab also.  I know what your thinking and while celebrity gossip may not be very yogic, it sure is fun.  Join us won’t you?

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