Anna Paquin a fan of Hot Yoga


In a recent interview with True Blood star, Anna Paquin, Health magazine asked her about her favorite workout.
She replied..

“I do The Bar Method. Then there’s also this place called Hot 8 Yoga, and they do [Yoga Barre]. It’s like The Bar Method, but it’s, like, 105 degrees. It’s psycho, but kind of awesome. You sort of want to die immediately. I generally have this, well, if I didn’t leave sort of hating life a little, I didn’t get my money’s worth.”

Anyone out there do Yoga Barre?

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Yoga better than walking for mood, study confirms


Those who practice yoga probably already know this, but a new study shows that yoga improves mood — even more than walking.
To read the full study click here.

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Sunday Surfing: Yoga and Pilates news you can use

Yoga can improve sleep quality of cancer survivors.
Who couldn’t use more sleep?
Yoga may help fight depression
Wonderful news for those who battle with depression!
Yoga for MS
Anyone suffering from MS? Maybe yoga can help.
Yoga’s Benefits Outweigh Risks for Pregnant Women
Any prenatal yoga fans out there?

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Chloe Sevigny pratices yoga and wants a baby



Chloe Sevingy recently told Elle UK, “I’ve just started doing yoga three times a week. I feel strong and limber, and my sex drive is through the roof! Men are intimidated by me… My friends say, ‘You have to find someone more famous and successful than you, or someone who’s so happy with their own life they can handle the attention you get.’


“I want to be worshiped and adored, but then again I also love to be ignored… It’s the same old, same old. Getting older doesn’t bother me at all. Well, other than the baby pressure. I do want to have a baby.”


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Audrina Patridge Wants to “Get Spiritual” This Year



Audrina Patridge is ready to de-stress by saying ohm.


“I want to try yoga this year,” The Hills star told on Thursday. “I just want to try something stress-free and spiritual.”


Wondering what could be causing her so much stress? Audrina is back to work on The Hills’ and she has also begun production on her unnamed MTV spinoff.


Sounds like she has a lot going on at the moment. What do you think?


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Martha Stewart Practices Yoga on tomorrows show


Tune in tomorrow (Jan 8th) to the Martha Stewart Show, because the host and guest Trudie Styler (Sting’s wife) practice yoga.


The show was filmed earlier this week and the audience consists of 51 yoga instructors.


Styler says she practices for 45 to 90 minutes every day, no matter where she is.


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Ashley Greene Reveals her New Moon Workout



New Moon star, Ashley Greene, recently told US Weekly Magazine to stay in shape these days, she said she does Pilates, usually six days a week.


“I do it early in the morning. It wakes you up, and it’s kind of refreshing,” said Greene. “And that is basically it. Sometimes cardio. I am not a big weight person because when I do weights I build muscle mass.”


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Marisa Miller stays fit with Pilates



Victoria’s Secret model, Marisa Miller, recently told OK! magazine that she stays fit with Pilates. She said:


“When I’m home, I either do Pilates or boxing.”


“I also surf. It’s important that you do something.”


She has an amazing figure don’t you think?


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Jon Gosselin Does Yoga


Jon Gosselin is ready to go to the mat: the yoga mat!


The latest stop on his quest for inner peace was a yoga studio at a Los Angeles hotel Nov. 5. Exclusive photos at show, the 32-year-old reality star doing basic poses, stretches and breathing and meditation exercises.


To view the images click here.


I would say yoga is probably a wonderful form of stress relief for John considering all he’s been going through lately. What do you think?

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Physicians Prescribe Yoga for Patients

Doctors embrace ancient form of exercise to treat ailments from ADHD to cancer. Click here to watch the video.

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