RockIt Body Pilates on “Secrets of the Hollywood Body”

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Marines find value in yoga

Marines are kicking off their boots and breaking out the yoga mats.

Veterans are able to combat post traumatic stress disorder, depression, chronic pain and insomnia following deployments, according to information about the program.

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Hilary Duff wears Hard Tail Green Label Yoga Pants

Have you ever wondered what celebrity yogis wear when they workout?  Hilary Duff and Denise Richards are fan’s of Hard Tail yoga pants.  According to Self Magazine Hilary Duff’s a fan of the Hard Tail Green Label Yoga Pants. What are your favorite pants to practice yoga in?

They retail for $67.00 at

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Ricky Martin is Livin La Vida Yoga

Ricky Martin may be a sex symbol to millions of women out there, but he doesn’t consider himself one.

He told the Manchester Evening News:

“Oh baby what can I say?” I really don’t have a problem with it but I swear to God I don’t wake up each morning thinking I am a sex symbol, how shall I behave today?

“I just do my meditation and yoga every morning – what you see is what you get. In Puerto Rico I’m not perceived as a sex symbol. All I want to do is music and be happy, you know. Be at peace with who I am and where I’m from.”


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Ashley Tisdale does Pilaxing

When she’s traveling, Ashley Tisdale likes to pop in her Piloxing DVD and get in a great workout. She recently told OK magazine:

“It’s Pilates and boxing put together. I always make time for it, because not only is it healthy for you, but it also relieves my stress. I’m so busy doing stuff and I get stressed a lot that working out takes me away from that.”

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Celebs use yoga and pilates to stay in shape

How do some of Hollywood’s finest stay in shape? With the help of Pilates and Yoga.

Nicole Scherzinger maintains her weight by running several times a week and doing yoga on the beach.

Sugarland lead singer, Jennifer Nettles, is a hardcore yoga fan. She recently told Self magazine:

“Yoga keeps me centered and listening to my body.”

Alanis Morissette credits five weekly 30-60 minute sessions of Pilates and kickboxing for her recent weight loss.

Kate Hudson relies on yoga to remain slim and centered. She pratices at Yoga Works in LA.

Source:Self and Shape Magazine

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LeAnn Rimes is a celebrity yogini

Country Crooner and Celebrity Yogini, LeAnn Rimes, is a fan of Manduka Prolite Yoga Mats.

She recently told Shape Magazine….

“When I’m on the road, I find places to take a class, so I always have my mat with me.”

Manduka Prolite Yoga Mats retail for $68.00. What’s your favorite Mat?

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Daisy Fuentes Pilates for the Wii

Great news for all the Pilates fans out there the new Daisy Fuentes Pilates for the Wii will be released August 4th.  As a fan of the Wii myself I think this will be a lot of fun.  What do you think?  Do you plan on picking it up?

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Gabrielle Anwar practices yoga

Her diet:

Anwar, a vegan, eats according to Ayurvedic principles. Her favorite meal is khichdi (a lentil and rice dish).

How she stays fit:

Gabrielle stays in shape with Yoga Hop. Yoga Hop combines traditional Vinyasa flow yoga with high energy contemporary music.

On Keeping her family green:

Her family composts and recycles, and they recently renamed the kitchen trash can “landfill.” It’s made a huge difference in how much garbage her family generates. She also uses eco friendly cleaners in her home.

On Stress Management:

She meditates twice a day. She likes to make a ritual of doing a sunrise and sunset meditation.

Source:Natural Health

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Josh Lucas will not shut up about Yoga

Actor, Josh Lucas, will not shut up about Yoga.

In order to get into character for Death in Love, Mr. Lucas committed to being crazy for 25 days. Like the character, he avoided all things beneficial or healthy.

“I tried to do everything to be beaten and rundown, a sense of feeling that pain. I purposefully did not do yoga or go to the dog park or hang out in bright, beautiful places.”

“It’s funny, I was doing yoga the other day, and it must have been a fire truck that pulled up and started blasting its horn because the cars wouldn’t move out of its way, and I actually burst out laughing, ’cause I was like, ‘This is incredible.’ I was like, ‘Thank God I’m doing yoga right now, because otherwise I might not be laughing, I might be screaming.”

I didn’t know Josh was a yogi. No wonder he always looks so good. *Cough* What? Hey, We’re just saying….

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