Denise Austin mixes it up with Yoga and Pilates


Denise Austin has made a life out of motivating people to get fit. She’s sold more than 20 million exercise videos and DVDs, starred in fitness television shows since the 1980s and written several books.


In a recent interview with the Baltimore Sun, Austin, 52, talked to the magazine about several fitness related topics.


When asked :


In terms of personal fitness, what is new now that we are nearing 2010?


I’m a big believer in a balance of workouts — a well-balanced workout plan. Part of it is cardio, part strength training and then flexibility. You really need all three. You have to make your muscles feel surprised. Mix in interval training, boot-camp-type workouts, a little yoga, a little Pilates. I personally have switched my routine to be a little bit of everything.


How has the fitness world changed over time, and where is it headed?


We still have a lot to do as fitness experts. In the 1970s, it was running. Then we went to the aerobics to low-impact aerobics to step aerobics to yoga. The thing is to find something you love and stick with it.


What can women expect from their bodies after 50?


I believe a woman can get a fit, toned and sexy body at 50, but she has to work out for it. Fight gravity all the way. Exercise is a must. Especially muscle-conditioning moves. To keep up your muscle tone and firm up, work out at least three times a week with weights, your own body weight, Pilates or boot-camp-type exercises that focus on strength.


Denise has lots of new stuff on the horizon like a new DVD coming out Sept. 15 called the “Best Leg and Bun Shapers,” and two more DVDs coming out at Christmas. She also has a new book coming out in January 2010, and is also in the planning stages for a new TV show for 2010.


Source: The Baltimore Sun


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Sarah Michelle Gellar attends Mommy and Me Pilates Class

Sarah Michelle Gellar was spotted out at a Mommy & Me Pilates class August 25,2009. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. are expecting their first child together this fall.




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Joy Bryant is a fan of Kundalini Yoga


Hollywood Starlet Joy Bryant is a huge fan of Kundalini yoga. Bryant, 32, a strict vegetarian, reportedly does Kundalini yoga for the “great” workout it offers for the mind and body. She was quoted as saying that she did it more for the meditative part of it but she reaped physical benefits also in the process.




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Mariel Hemingway’s morning yoga ritual


Mariel Hemingway starts off her day with a drink of water. She has a glass of Noah’s water… a natural magnesium spring water that tastes sweet, or O2 Cool… a natural spring water with added oxygen. Then she will do some yoga. A 5 minute clip of part of her routine is above. After that she may workout… jump rope or lunge… swing kettle bells and do push ups. Then she sits silently taking in the sounds of nature and her surroundings.


It sounds like a great morning ritual don’t you think?

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She’s Got the Look Winner Cindy Cohen a fan of pilates


The winner of TV Land’s She’s Got the Look, Cindy Cohen, told Self magazine that she stays in shape with pilates. The 40 year old said….


“Pilates really works my core. I love using the reformer machine-it makes my stomach stronger than sit ups.”


I’d say Pilates is working for her.  What do you think?


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A great article about yoga

Just read a great article from Sadine Nardini titled Top 10 reasons not to do yoga. To read it click here.

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Alicia Silverstone uses yoga to lose weight


One of our favorite actresses, Alicia Silverstone, recently sat down with Health Magazine to talk about diet and fitness. When asked about slimming down recently with a vegan diet she said yoga had a little bit to do with it as well.


“Diet first, exercise second. Exercise is fantastic, and when I need to be a certain way quickly, I amp up my exercise by walking the dogs and doing yoga.”


To read the full interview with Alicia click here.

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Kristen McMenamy pratices yoga


In 1995, Kristen McMenamy, appeared in no fewer than five editorials for Bazaar magazine alone. Now at the age of 44 the mother of 4 is still making runway appearances. So what is her secret to looking beautiful after all these years?


Skincare essentials:


Nuxe Paris is her moisturizer of choice. “I have really sensitive skin but need something rich that won’t make me break out.”


Exercise Routine:


Hot Yoga. She swears by it. “It’s amazing for your complexion. You sweat for an hour and a half. Afterward, I shower and put on jojoba and sesame oils while my skin is still damp.”


Have you tried hot yoga before? What did you think of it?


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Vanessa Hudgens fitness secret is Pilates


High School Musical star, Vanessa Hudgens, stays in shape with pilates. In a recent interview with now magazine she said….


“I love chocolate, but I try to avoid sugar and simple carbs like white bread. I go cycling regularly and I also do Pilates. And I’ve been working out with a personal trainer to get into shape.”


Source: August 17, 2009 Now magazine


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Hoopilates is the new pilates

Have you heard of Hoopilates yet? It’s a mix of pilates and hula hooping. It sounds like it would be a lot of fun. What do you think?

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