15 Minutes to a Gorgeous (Graceful!) Body

Tone yourself from all sides with this hot workout from Burr Leonard, founder of The Bar Method. You’ll be in good company: both Ricki Lake and Kelly Osbourne credit this ballet-and-Pilates mix for their recent slimdowns. Check it out here.

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Sunday Surfing: Yoga and Pilates news you can use

Yoga can improve sleep quality of cancer survivors.
Who couldn’t use more sleep?
Yoga may help fight depression
Wonderful news for those who battle with depression!
Yoga for MS
Anyone suffering from MS? Maybe yoga can help.
Yoga’s Benefits Outweigh Risks for Pregnant Women
Any prenatal yoga fans out there?

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Gisele shows off toned figure and marks her catwalk return


Gisele Bundchen recently showed off her toned post-baby figure and marked her catwalk return. On how she got back in shape so quickly after giving birth, she told Vogue magazine that muscle memory and pilates are to thank.

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Anna Paquin stays fit with Pilates and Healthy Eating


Anna Paquin shares her diet and fitness secrets in the July issue of Self magazine. On her diet she says:
“I don’t want to be one of those actresses who says, ‘I eat cheeseburgers all the time,’ I don’t! I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables.”

Besides sticking to a healthy diet, Anna says she stays fit by running, boxing, swimming, and doing Pilates.
She looks fabulous so her plan must be working. What do you think?

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How the Cast of “Hot in Cleveland” Stay Fit


“I do Pilates every day,” said Wendie Malick at the “Hot in Cleveland” premiere. “I like the dead bug, plank and we do a lot of floor stuff. I don’t use a reformer anymore.”
“[Pilates] can keep your posture really good and keep you from having back problems,” she said.
Jane Leeves, says she does not do daily workouts, but like Malick, she’s a believer in Pilates.
Betty White says she stays in shape due to living in a two story house and having a bad memory. She’s always going up and down the stairs, because she forgets what she’s looking for, lol. I just adore Betty White, shes hysterical.
Have you seen Hot in Cleveland yet? I haven’t, but I bet it’s hilarious since Betty White is in it.

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