‘Bachelorette’ Ali does yoga


Bachelorette star Ali Fedotowsky has reportedly revealed that she keeps in shape with yoga and kickboxing.
She recently told People, that she likes varying her exercise routine from just going to the gym.
“I am not the person who will be at the gym all the time. Usually, I do the treadmill for about 30 minutes, or I will try to do something else,” she said.
“I love kickboxing. I have a personal trainer for it. We do contact kickboxing, she holds the pads up for me. It’s such a great workout for my core. You can think of ex-boyfriends while you’re doing it, like, ‘I hate you!’ (Laughs). I also love yoga.”

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Elvis Presley doing yoga

Even Elvis Presley was a yogi :) .

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Lady Gaga tweets about yoga


Pop Star, Lady Gaga, is a fan of yoga. Today she tweeted this:
Going w @ladystarlightny (and a hangover) to kick our own asses in rocknroll power yoga, can I wear my cowboy boots? LET’S GET HOT!
I would love to go to a yoga class with Lady Gaga. Doesn’t she seem like a lot of fun?

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