Jason Bateman talks about his reluctant intro into Bikram

On The Late Show with David Letterman, Jason Bateman talks about how he actually got to work with Bikram himself as a kid.
It wasn’t the best experience for the actor or his sister Justine though.
Check out the video below.


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Anna Paquin a fan of Hot Yoga


In a recent interview with True Blood star, Anna Paquin, Health magazine asked her about her favorite workout.
She replied..

“I do The Bar Method. Then there’s also this place called Hot 8 Yoga, and they do [Yoga Barre]. It’s like The Bar Method, but it’s, like, 105 degrees. It’s psycho, but kind of awesome. You sort of want to die immediately. I generally have this, well, if I didn’t leave sort of hating life a little, I didn’t get my money’s worth.”

Anyone out there do Yoga Barre?

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Tori Spelling takes prenatal yoga classes for perfect pregnancy health


Former 90210 Starlet, Tori Spelling, who’s expecting for the third time is taking prenatal yoga classes at home.
She was spotted smiling her way through poses by the paparazzi recently.
Tori is the latest Hollywood Starlet to practice this popular pregnancy workout because it keeps limbs toned, while improving balance and circulation.
It can also teach women how to breathe correctly and relax which is of course beneficial during child birth.
Are there any prenatal yoga fans out there?

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