9/11 victim FDNY Patrick Brown and his love for yoga live on


Tough firefighters and yogis may not usually mix, but on Friday they will. To mark the 8th anniversary of 9/11- a group of yoga lovers will remember fallen FDNY Capt. Patrick Brown, a downward dog aficionado who died in Tower 1 on that horrible day.


“He always had his yoga mat under his arm as he left the stationhouse,” said Brown’s former girlfriend, Sharon Watts.


She will lead the memorial at the Jivamukti Yoga Center in Union Square where she will read from her new book, “Miss You, Pat”.


Jivamukti’s managing director, Carlos Menjivar, said the captain’s passion for yoga was how the 48-year-old kept a cool head leading his men through the burning north tower.


“He wanted to rescue people,” Menjivar said. “The yogi knows that this body and this mind is eternal.”


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Joy Bryant is a fan of Kundalini Yoga


Hollywood Starlet Joy Bryant is a huge fan of Kundalini yoga. Bryant, 32, a strict vegetarian, reportedly does Kundalini yoga for the “great” workout it offers for the mind and body. She was quoted as saying that she did it more for the meditative part of it but she reaped physical benefits also in the process.




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Mariel Hemingway’s morning yoga ritual


Mariel Hemingway starts off her day with a drink of water. She has a glass of Noah’s water… a natural magnesium spring water that tastes sweet, or O2 Cool… a natural spring water with added oxygen. Then she will do some yoga. A 5 minute clip of part of her routine is above. After that she may workout… jump rope or lunge… swing kettle bells and do push ups. Then she sits silently taking in the sounds of nature and her surroundings.


It sounds like a great morning ritual don’t you think?

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