Naomi Campbell fears getting old



Naomi Campbell, who will hit 40 next year, is afraid of getting older.


The Mirror recently quoted her as saying:


“I”m not immune to being insecure – especially as I”m getting older.”


So what does the aging supermodel do to stay in shape?


“But I love what I do so I have to put in a little more effort. I do pilates every day. ”


Doing Pilates everyday is a great way to stay in shape no doubt. However, I think someone needs to tell Naomi that 40 is the new 30.


Source: Times of India


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Stiff back and legs=stiff arteries


Want to know whether your arteries have begun to stiffen, putting you at greater risk of developing cardiovascular disease? Bend over.


For people over 40 — even if they’re a little overweight — a new study shows that trunk flexibility may be a good indicator of arterial flexibility. Conversely, the study found, stiffness at the midsection seems to reflect arteries that have begun to lose their elasticity as well.


Read the full article here.


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Michelle Obama’s fitness secret is Pilates



First Lady Michelle Obama’s famously buff arms take some work.


She told People Magazine recently that she varies her 4:30 am workouts with Pilates, cardio, stretching, and weights.


“I enjoy arm exercises because you can see what it’s hitting,” she says.


4:30 am workout? Now that’s some hardcore dedication!


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Jennifer Lopez’s Miami Home has a pilates room



Mark Anthony and Jennifer Lopez just purchased a home in Miami.


Anthony told, “I bought a condo today in Miami. When we are through decorating the condo, it will be the sexiest place in town!”


The posh new pad boasts such amenities as a 300-foot long pool, a pilates room and a private dock.


Sounds wonderful!


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Megan Fox keeps fit with Acro Yoga



Megan Fox recently stated that she stays fit by doing Pilates and Acro-Yoga.


I’ve never tried Acro Yoga, but if it’s anything like this youtube video then it seems pretty hardcore.



Have you ever tried Acro Yoga?


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Jack Osbourne’s Pilates plan



Jack Osbourne,23, loves Pilates.


Jack dropped 70 pounds in 2005 and he’s determined to never gain the weight back again.


He says there is no better way to stay in shape, and credits pilates with keeping him toned and trim.


He said: “I know it’s a bit camp, but I go to Pilates classes three times a week and I love it! I’m so toned now, it’s amazing. It’s very relaxing too. I’ve also been running and doing weights.”


Jack is looking healthy and fit these days so it’s working. Way to go Jack for keeping the weight off.


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Get Sharon Stone’s shoulders



Sharon Stone is a gorgeous woman no doubt about it. And at 51, Stone has perfected her shoulder structure so that everything else is in proportion.


What’s her secret?


“I work out only as much as I have to to not be a fat ass. I chase three children to stay in shape,” she said recently. “I don’t have a regular fitness routine. You park farther from the door; you take the stairs instead of the elevator. Over time that makes a difference.”


There is an element of Hollywood in the admission that she occasionally goes on “workout benders” when she exercises “like a maniac”, doing Pilates, running and plenty of the jack-knife (or v-sit) abdominal exercises.


What you can do:


Doing yoga moves like plank,side plank and chaturanga will leave you with sexy shoulders like Sharon’s in no time.


Source: Times UK

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Eva La Rue lost pregnancy weight with Pilates



CSI’s Eva La Rue is a fan of pilates.


The star, who graces this month’s issue of Pilates Style, says she gained 37 pounds during her pregnancy 8 years ago.


“I certainly wouldn’t have worked as hard as I did to lose the weight if I didn’t have a TV show to get back to,” La Rue said. “That was my motivation.”


So how did she lose the pregnancy weight? One word, Pilates.


La Rue, said she also practices yoga in addition to her two weekly Pilates mat classes. When she can’t make it to class, Eva uses Mari Windsor Dvd’s.


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How Beyoncé got into the best shape of her life



Beyoncé has always looked amazing, but since embarking on her I Am … Sasha Fierce tour this summer, the superstar has whipped her body into optimum shape. Her trainer and author of Power Moves, Marco Borges, tells In Touch magazine. “She feels really good about herself, and she’s got a ton of energy.”


So how does she do it? Borges reveals the secret to achieving Beyoncé’s incredible physique is training with health in mind, as opposed to looks.


Their goal was to make sure she could run around for two hours onstage without feeling winded every night. So before the tour, Beyoncé, 28, did interval training — 45 minutes of alternating between sprinting and running on the treadmill, followed by body-resistance work. Now, Beyoncé does yoga and Pilates for an hour on show days and body-resistance exercises on days when she’s not performing. Borges also tells In Touch that the star eats a sensible 1,600-calorie diet of lean proteins with healthy carbs. “The truth is, it’s a lot of sacrifice. You have to push yourself,” Beyoncé has said. Her dedication is paying off!


Source: In Touch Weekly


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Denise Austin mixes it up with Yoga and Pilates


Denise Austin has made a life out of motivating people to get fit. She’s sold more than 20 million exercise videos and DVDs, starred in fitness television shows since the 1980s and written several books.


In a recent interview with the Baltimore Sun, Austin, 52, talked to the magazine about several fitness related topics.


When asked :


In terms of personal fitness, what is new now that we are nearing 2010?


I’m a big believer in a balance of workouts — a well-balanced workout plan. Part of it is cardio, part strength training and then flexibility. You really need all three. You have to make your muscles feel surprised. Mix in interval training, boot-camp-type workouts, a little yoga, a little Pilates. I personally have switched my routine to be a little bit of everything.


How has the fitness world changed over time, and where is it headed?


We still have a lot to do as fitness experts. In the 1970s, it was running. Then we went to the aerobics to low-impact aerobics to step aerobics to yoga. The thing is to find something you love and stick with it.


What can women expect from their bodies after 50?


I believe a woman can get a fit, toned and sexy body at 50, but she has to work out for it. Fight gravity all the way. Exercise is a must. Especially muscle-conditioning moves. To keep up your muscle tone and firm up, work out at least three times a week with weights, your own body weight, Pilates or boot-camp-type exercises that focus on strength.


Denise has lots of new stuff on the horizon like a new DVD coming out Sept. 15 called the “Best Leg and Bun Shapers,” and two more DVDs coming out at Christmas. She also has a new book coming out in January 2010, and is also in the planning stages for a new TV show for 2010.


Source: The Baltimore Sun


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