Kristin Davis a fan of yoga



Kristin Davis, or Charlotte, for you Sex in the City fans out there recently told Self Magazine:


“If you want to summon confidence,go to yoga. It’s about tuning in to yourself on the inside. If you start thinking, I’m not thin enough or whatever enough, you can tune back into that powerful place. It’s gives you a sense of yourself.”


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Mariel Hemingway’s morning yoga ritual


Mariel Hemingway starts off her day with a drink of water. She has a glass of Noah’s water… a natural magnesium spring water that tastes sweet, or O2 Cool… a natural spring water with added oxygen. Then she will do some yoga. A 5 minute clip of part of her routine is above. After that she may workout… jump rope or lunge… swing kettle bells and do push ups. Then she sits silently taking in the sounds of nature and her surroundings.


It sounds like a great morning ritual don’t you think?

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